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"My son couldn’t care less about sports and the great outdoors. He’s painfully shy and easily gets hurt. Other kids call him a sissy."

“Our oldest daughter, Lisa, is starting junior high soon. She’s a hopeless tomboy. If she had her way, she’d never wear skirts or dresses. She can’t wait to sign up for the school wrestling team this fall. If I say no, she’ll throw a fit. Where’s the magic wand so I can turn her into a lovely princess?”

“My ex-husband spends very little time with our son, who has begun exhibiting some rather effeminate behaviors. I’m afraid he’s picked up
those mannerisms from me. I’ve tried to be the best parent I can, but it’s backfiring. What can I do before it’s too late?”

Boys don’t automatically grow up to be men. Girls don’t always want to become women.

Children need to successfully complete gender identification phases in their development. Both fathers and mothers play a crucial role in
their children’s lives during those phases. When something appears to be going wrong, it’s natural to be concerned.

Every parent needs to know:

1. Is my child becoming a homosexual?

Have you ever heard someone ask, "How much does this cost?" And the other person replied,"If you have to ask you can't afford it." Well in this case, "if you have to ask IT'S ALREADY TOO LATE! FAGGDOM HATH INFESTED ITSELF INSIDE YOUR CHILD!" Now you might be wondering how this happened, well there's a couple possible reasons. The most likely cause for your child's sexual disorientation is... well you. Your child is gay because he or she was birthed from your obviously fag infected loins. Think about it, when was the last time you did something truly heterosexual, such as smashing a beer can on your head, or kick another male in his genitals because he made a cheap shot about your inability to perform, or how about punching your wife right in the face cause she was late with dinner again... been awhile hasn't it buddy? Of course there are other reasons, like your child's friends. What about that foppish kid Billy down the street, you know the one that talks with his hand and walks like he's constantly hearing disco music. How can you keep your son from associating with Billy? Simple: kill Billy. Ain't no one gonna miss him. Fags burn in hell, facts is facts. Finally a recent study shows that pregnant couples have been performing anal intercourse while the female is in the final trimester as to not cause damage to the child gestating in the womb. Well most experts say that the final trimester is when the fetus is most open to external womb influences. Thus butt sex in the final trimester = child's lust for butt sex. So, if you must have intercourse in the final trimester, just do the missionary, your child will thank you for it.

2. The facts about Homosexuals.

Fact: Homosexuals are gay.
Fact: People can call your son/daughter gay and your kids will have no possible come back. Cause it's true, and the truth can hurt like a thousand little rusty needles!
Fact: Homosexuals burn in hell. Jesus told me so... online, in a chat room, for teens, teens for Christ, we drink Coke products.
Fact: Homosexuals are gay. I know I already said this but it bears repeating.
Fact: Homosexuals dress nice and have excellent taste.
Fact: Homosexuals are burned by holy water.
Fact: Proper baptism protects your son or daughter from homosexuality.... OR YOUR MONEY BACK!
Fact: Homosexual will never be truly represented in the Republican Party
Fact: Homosexuals are gay. Look, it's really important you understand that.
Fact: Homosexuals kiss people of their same sex. Gross isn't it? Eww, just thinking about it gives me the irky-jerkies!
Fact: Homosexuals strengthen the economy by being one of few economic forces that reinvest into inner cities and renew tenement housing. THEY'RE GIVING BLACK PEOPLE MONEY!
Fact: Homosexuals are very similar to vampires, but they prefer to suck on other body parts rather than the neck... and drink other bodily fluids rather than blood.
Fact: Homosexuals can’t have children.
Fact: Homosexuals are gay. GAY, GAY, GAY. God how that word burns my Christ loving ears!

3. The fact that change of sexual orientation is possible.

Personally I recommend the following method for changing sexual orientation:

A. Put your child in his or her bedroom, restrict their freedom, this step is similar to grounding them.

B. Get a long (knee high) sock. Place a bar of soap in the toe of the sock. Wet the entire sock under warm water. Wet the sock to the
point where the soap has become mushy. Tie the sock tight above the bar of soap, so that is wont move around inside the sock.

C. Enter your child's room late in the evening preferably while their sleeping. Lightly, but thoroughly, beat the child across the back
and backside. Whilst doing so remind him or her that this is what Jesus does to fags in hell, only with nunchucks, because Jesus was a bad ass ninja.

D. After you are done reprimanding the child, toss a large stack of "adult reading material"* on top of the child and sternly tell them to think about what they’ve done.

*Only use dirty magazines that feature hot models that are of the opposite sex of your child. Ex: Give your son playboys. Give your daughter play girls. Stay away from hustler, trailer trash women may cause your son to stray away again and who could blame him?

4. The homosexual campaign against children.

Have you even noticed that homosexuals can’t have children? Well it’s true they can’t. So what do you think makes a homosexual crazier than a rabid cyborg bear that’s malfunctioning? Children! They want ‘em, but can’t have ‘em. So recently homosexuals have formed a lobbyist group that calls for legislation that would require all straight men to have vasectomies, thusly removing the potential for child birth! However there are unforeseen consequences to this! One such consequence: the total destruction of mankind! Without the ability for heterosexuals to reproduce the Earth’s populace will dwindle and expire. Now you may ask why homosexuals would want this being that it will harm them too. The answer is simple and right under your nose: homosexuals are all controlled by gay Martians… who are terrorist.

5. Protecting your child from sexual abuse.

We have formed a plan to stop the homosexuals. All children who are tested and proven to be heterosexual will be given the right to carry a concealed weapon. Along with this weapon the children will be given a license to kill anyone who may wish to harm or sexually abuse them, or if the person they shoot is a homosexual. We can never be sure if the homosexual was just about to pounce!

6. How to prevent homosexuals.

Homosexuality isn’t real. Homosexuality is a mass psychosis that is spreading in our modern immoral society. As long as you keep your child separate from this immoral society they should never come to learn of homosexuality. So keep them in home school where the number one academic subject is bible study and the teacher is Jesus, and maybe your wife occasionally. Never allow them to sin without harsh punishment. Finally and above all else never allow your child to befriend Roach, that boy that runs around in between the walls of your home and in the air shafts.

7. What do you do if your child needs help in the area of sexual identity?

See question 3… and repeat as necessary.

With Christ's burning love of justice and righteousness,
The Family Focus Faction

Copyright The FFF
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Time:2005-08-12 05:23 am (UTC)
this is some sick shit...they even recommend therapy if they still show signs of same sex tendecies...what the fuck!
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Time:2005-08-12 10:37 pm (UTC)
Fact: Homosexuals burn in hell. Jesus told me so... online, in a chat room, for teens, teens for Christ, we drink Coke products. Comedy fucking gold.
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